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Learning Management System

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Teaching has never been easier with an effortless and rapid deployment of LawPrez learning platform without the need for IT resources. With affordable pricing, you can quickly implement solid e-learning solutions without breaking the bank.

Custom Branding

Your LMS reflects your brand, so it has to look good! Configure the look and feel of the LMS to reflect your own branding.

Course Management

Easily set course prerequisites, categorize course based on topics, add lessons (videos, documents and Youtube links), create quizzes and assign e-certificate upon course completion. Finally review and publish courses.

User Management

Manage unlimited users. Group users based on classrooms (year of study, department, job function, etc), approve each user with instructor or student access using role-based permissions.

Administrative Functionality

Review and publish courses created by instructors. Create categories for courses and classrooms for users. Retrieve real-time reports on course progress and instructors/students performances with the click of a button!

User Friendly Teaching / Learning Experience

Via a mobile friendly platform and instructor-led teaching, students can choose what courses they want to enroll, interact with instructors, track their learning progress and review past lessons any number of times.

About us is a versatile, powerful, yet simple cloud-based e-learning solution designed to educate lawyers and pupils-in-chambers with a range of online CPD modules that provide past and present case studies, helping them excel in their careers.

LawPrez platform is an intuitive LMS, integrated with blended e-learning approach. It can host a variety of content including videos, documents, power point slides etc.

As the entire solution is cloud based, no hardware purchase or maintenance is required. Rapid scalability to entire nation can be done instantaneously.

All content are reviewed by and CPD accredited by authorised law organisations. This ensures content is of high value and engaging.

Cutting edge LMS

CPD Accreditation

Statistical Analysis Capability

Low Cost

Law Organisations

LawPrez is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) LMS provider that makes e-learning awesome. Quickly set up a complete e-learning platform with unlimited learners.

Legal Professionals

To sign up, please check with your organization. They will provide you with a URL link that you must use to sign up.
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